Christmas in Australia is… weird. It’s been in the high 90s the last several days, with almost equally high humidity. I spent one day at home lying on the floor trying very hard not to touch anything.

Today is christmas though, and it’s cooled down to the 70s with a nice dose of rain.

I haven’t felt like listening to christmas music or doing much to celebrate this year. With no family around, the holiday doesn’t mean much. We have a tiny blue tinsel tree and a couple of presents wrapped in golden skull wrapping paper.

To celebrate today Ben and I went on a run together. We usually run apart as he’s much faster than I am, and tends to go further, but as we set off one of us said something about christmas carols and the next two miles were a long series of jumbled lyrics, semi-in tune melodies, and gasping (me). We sang to people leaving their celebrations in their cars, and to people walking their dogs. We passed my boss’ house and sang at her open windows.

I think we made ourselves a new tradition. After one 2 mile lap I was done and Ben headed off for one more, alone.

Singing while running makes the whole experience WAY more difficult, but is also completely worth it.

rainy xmas run


We had an excellent dinner last night at a friend’s house, and as we walked home from the train station around midnight we noticed one of our neighbours set up a lovely surprise for their kids to find in the morning. The rain has ruined it a bit, but it’s still there. Notice the north pole runway lights that have been knocked over and the munched-on carrots (orange specs) to the right.

sleigh landing


We talked to Ben’s parents on Skype this morning, Colin called on the phone, and I chatted online with many of my friends in the US as they went about their christmas eve activities. My parents and I sent pictures back and forth, they of all the family, food, and warmth I’m missing, and me our blooming garden and our tinsel tree.


Someone needs to invent a teleporter already. I wanna see my grandma!

The christmas day carolling run, though. That’s gonna happen no matter where I am.

Soon we’re going to open some champagne and add garden strawberries. Then we’ll sit down and get to those presents.